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Preparing For Photos

Our goal is to help you sell your home quickly and for the best price. With that in mind, we’ve prepared these tips to ensure the best possible photos. We will be photographing both inside and outside. Schedule any work or cleaning on the home at least 24 hours before photos to prevent any costly overlap. We don’t typically photograph the garage unless there are special amenities. Please let us know about any upgrades that are not obvious so they are included in the shoot.



  • Remove for sale sign.
    • Schedule post installation after photos when possible.
  • Driveway and front curb should be free of vehicles.
  • Trim any trees obstructing views of the house or mountains.
    • At least 24 hours prior to photo shoot.
  • Move any trash cans out of sight.
    • Clean up any dog droppings.
  • Hide any garden hoses, sprinklers or tools.
  • Hide any pool toys, bikes or outdoor toys.
  • Mow, rake and sweep the lawn, driveways, walkways, and porch.
  • Turn off sprinklers the day of the photo shoot to prevent puddles.
  • Vacuum and clean pool.
    • Turn on water features ahead of the photo shoot.
  • When possible, clean exterior windows.
  • For Twilights, ensure all exterior light bulbs are working including pool light.


  • Hide pets and any pet toys, bowls or litter boxes.
  • Open all blinds or shades with a view.
    • Ensure all window coverings are working properly.
  • Turn on all lights and replace burned out bulbs.
  • Turn off ceiling fans.
  • De-clutter as much as possible.
    • Remove excess papers, magazines, electronics, ect.
    • Remove personal photos.
  • Make all beds, put all clothing and toys away.
  • Hide any trash cans or laundry hampers.
  • Hide any portable fans.
  • Conceal cords and remotes – leaving lamps plugged in.


  • Clear refrigerator of photos, notes, and magnets.
  • De-clutter countertops as much as possible.
  • Remove all dishes, soap, sponges and wash clothes from the sink.
  • Remove trash cans.
  • Remove rugs or kitchen mats.


  • Clean bathroom mirrors.
  • De-clutter vanities.
    • Remove toothbrushes and all hygiene items especially.
  • Remove any visible shower or bathtub items, such as shampoo or soap.
  • Remove rugs or bath mats.
  • Remove any plungers, trash cans or cleaning brushes.
  • Remove any non-decorative towels.
  • Install a full roll of toilet paper.